I already have an FFF 3D printer but with Santa’s permission I lashed out and purchased an Elegoo Saturn 2 SLA printer.  Why?  Because it promised a resolution of better than 0.05 mm in X, Y and Z, and unlike FFF made parts that are water tight.



Figure 1. Elegoo Saturn 2


The printer seemed to work just fine for objects d’art, but when it came to making precision parts directly off the build plate the Z dimensions (heights) were compressed and the first few layers were expanded in the XY plane (an effect known as elephant’s footing).

You’d think that a brand new SLA printer with a specified accuracy would be capable of printing at the specified resolution straight off the build plate - but you’d be wrong.

The simple solution to the Z dimensional issue is to put parts on rafts and supports, lifting them clear of the build plate.  This works but creates other issues.  Removing the supports causes defects on the printed part, and any surface with a low inclined angle to the build plate (a high view factor) ends up with waves and dimples.  This isn’t good for making precision parts.


So I set out to resolve the print dimensional inaccuracy with my Saturn 2.  Please navigate to the following pages to read more...

Elephant’s Foot

Ball Screw Axial Play

Quest for Perfect Initial Layer

Gear Pump

Resurfacing a Build Plate

Formating USB for Saturn 2

Leveling and Setting Z=0