Another open water diver training opportunity with Sharkbait from Dive HQ Whangaparoa.  Visibility variable 5 to 11 m.  Water temperature 16°C.  Blue sky with a gentle southerly.  Sea 0.5 m swell with a moderate surge and a light current running southeast.  Two dive sites, both on the western side of Goat Island, the first to 8 m and the second to 18 m.  The first was tucked in by the island, the second further north west on a reef.

The Goat Island Marine Reserve is a great place to dive.  The beasties are accustomed to divers and are anything but timid.  One of the students had a largish crayfish hook on to his regulator hose  - a situation that is not described in the Padi manual.  When diving at Goat Island expect to see monster old-man snapper, red moki, some big friendly crayfish, rays, eels,  goatfish, leatherjackets, yellow tail and sweep.

The camera performed well with no sticking controls, having drilled out the control holes to 4.6 mm diameter, cleaned and re-greased them.   My biggest regret was not being able to switch to movie mode underwater.  I accompanied an eagle ray for a while, the undulations of its wings would have made for a great movie.

For the students on the course, if you recognize who you are please email me with your name on the contacts page if you’d like the original image.