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Poor Knights

Boat dive aboard Shadowfax with Poor Knights Divers,, out from Tutukaka on 6 Jan 07.  The food and hospitality were great - my thanks to Martin, Lou, the ‘Galley Slave’, and Sam for a safe and enjoyable day. Shadowfax made short work of the trip - 30 minutes in flat conditions. I completed three great dives  at Middle Arch, Mary's Wall and the Magic Garden.  The last dive was just coming on dusk and included two caves - spooky in low light.  Depth to 28 m.  Visibility 12 m +.  Water temperature 18C.  No current.

Lots and lots to see as the photos below show.  Two lovely Spanish Lobsters appeared for my photo opportunity of the dives, but I must confess to using an awful amount of precious air looking for nudibranches.  The dusk dive was a new experience for me.  Beastly behavior certainly changes at this time with masses of Blue Maomao involved in feeding frenzies, the eels appearing from their cracks and crevasses, and the fish generally more inquisitive.

Click on the thumbs to view the full-sized images.

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