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Little Barrier

Boat dives with Goat Island Dive aboard Apollo at Little Barrier Island on 17 Dec 06.  Three dives completed on the day.  A 15 m scollop dive, and two photography dives at Lions Rock and North Reef.  Depth to 30 m.  Visibility 7 to 12 m.  Water temperature 17C.  Sea glassy in the morning but building nor westerly in the afternoon with a chop developing.  Moderate to strong N current.  The blue water has come in so visibility is steadily improving. 

A great day with a couple of failed photo opportunities.  A Giant Boarfish rocked-on-by early in our final dive and I didn’t/couldn’t focus on the beastie.  Darn!  Lots of Maomao, crays, Demoiselle, Red Moki, Wrasse, a ray, leather jackets, some baby snapper, yellow tail and what looked like Marblefish.

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