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Dive Photos

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Great Barrier 4 Nov 06

Kawau Island 25 Nov 06

Goat Island 10 Dec 06

Poor Knights 31 Dec 06

Cape Brett 20 Jan 07

Poor Knights 11 Feb 07

Poor Knights 12 Apr 07

Poor Knights 25 Aug 07

Reef Dive 13 Oct 07

Hen & Chickens 12 Dec 08

Hahei 15 Feb 10

Houghton Bay 28 Feb 17


Matheson’s Bay 18 Nov 06

Seal at the Auckland Zoo

Little Barrier 17 Dec 06

Poor Knights 7 Jan 07

Poor Knights 27 Jan 07

Poor Knights 7 Apr 07

Rainbow Warrior 12 May 07

Waikato 29 Sep 07

Field Trial 27 Oct 07

Lake Taupo  24 Jan 10

Greta Point 22 Feb 17

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