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(Latest Update: 31 December 2017)

Please Note:  The layout for this site is about to be changed with the intention of simplifying navigation.  In essence the site has become too linear over time (there are just too many options in the left hand navigation bar).   While all of the site content will be preserved some external links may become corrupted.  If an external link stops working then please head to in the first instance.

The latest additions to this site include a weld head for making battery tabs, making calcium blocks for turtles, refurbishment and repair of an M73 compass,  my experiments with thermal adhesive, Oxy-MAPP oxygen cylinder adaptor, some lathe maintenance, and sand casting.  A number of these projects remain work in progress so please check back from time to time.

I have recently revised the MakerGear M2 3D printer pages to include some printer upgrades, and to to make the information more accessible.

I still get quite a few contacts for the complete schematic of my CD Welder.  The basic design is fully described on the CD welder pages (with the exception of the main power supply and the microcontroller board)..Amigo1

My major project remains the commercialisation of the Amigo, a navigation aid for recreational SCUBA diving.  See the image on the right.

Some of this work was originally posted here but, as the project has developed from an excuse to go SCUBA diving into a commercial reality, the original material has been revised and reposted at

The Amigo is still in the final stages of commercialization while I  earn the capital to complete the project.  This has been an expensive and somewhat frustrating exercise beset by unavoidable delays and the occasional opportunistic diversion.

If you’ve got any questions, suggestions, or critical comments I’d be very pleased to here from you.  I will respond to every enquiry.  Please click here to email me.



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